Quality content now sits at the heart of successful search. If you want more customers to find you via search engines then you need to have a strong visibility online and sit high on search rankings. You need to get your business on the first page of Google to be found amongst all the online noise.

But how do you do this? Not a question that has a quick answer. As Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. are becoming more advanced so are their algorithms (which calculate where you sit on the Search Engine Results Pages) and they change constantly.

However, it’s not impossible – or I’d be out of a job! There are a few simple steps that you can implement in order to help people find your websites.

I can analyse your website to ensure that you aren’t missing any of the key elements that search engines well… search for, starting with keyword research. This isn’t just a case of stuffing keywords on your website. I will find the right terms for your business, optimise your website using them and put together plus execute a content marketing plan to increase your search ranking.

Not only with my SEO plan ensure you are working with the right keywords, but I will also work to help your website to build authority. This is not only important for your search strategy but also will help convert customers – the more they trust you the stronger your relationship will be.